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  • Polaris Lock & Ride Pro-Fit Half Windshield

    Polaris Lock & Ride Pro-Fit Half Windshield

    Chris in TX

    Poor Fit and Scratches Easily

    This Lock & Ride Half Windshield is a disappointment to the otherwise high quality line of Ranger Pro-Fit accessories. The half windshield attaches easily with the quarter-turn handles. The center of the windshield is flimsy and though Polaris supplies two clamps and mounting posts to secure, the center of the windshield does not stay clamped. The windshield is not hard coated, either. It scratches easily from limbs and from dirt. This windshield looks good, but otherwise it is a poor product.

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  • Polaris Lock & Ride Pro-Fit Glass Rear Panel

    Polaris Lock & Ride Pro-Fit Glass Rear Panel

    Chris in TX

    High Quality Rear Panel

    This is a great rear panel and fits flush with the cab. The window securely attaches with quarter-turn Lock & Ride handles. The rear panel offers good rear viability. I have towed my Ranger with only the rear glass panel with no problems. It is secure.

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  • Polaris Lock & Ride Pro-Fit Fixed Glass Windshield

    Polaris Lock & Ride Pro-Fit Fixed Glass Windshield

    Chris in TX

    Great Quality Windshield with Excellent Fit

    The Lock and Ride Fixed Glass windshield came packaged securely and fit my 2015 Ranger 900 perfectly. This windshield does not have the quarter-turn handles; rather, it secures to the top and bottom of the roll cage. It installs in less than 10 minutes. I love the visibility through the glass windshield and I do not have to worry about scratches. I trailer my Ranger at 75mph with no problems. The Polaris OEM accessories have automotive grade fit and finish.

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  • Polaris Stock Seat Adjustment Slider

    Polaris Stock Seat Adjustment Slider

    Pat in Utah

    Seat adjuster

    Wanted a way to move seat closer to steering wheel and pedals so my wife could drive as well. Install was not bad, one hour. It does raise the seat 1 1/2" but this gave me more leg room while allowing my wife to move seat to a position she could reach pedals better. This actually allows you to move seat even farther back for more leg room, which I really like. I will probably get another for passenger side just so I can move seat back for more leg room. The added seat height makes it easier to get in and out of my rig.

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  • Polaris Fender Flare Kit

    Polaris Fender Flare Kit

    Lonny in IA

    Looks Great

    Put these on and they are very nice great fit. Would recommend taking whole rear side off to make things easier to take off stock and put on these wider ones

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  • Polaris Lock & Ride Rear Panel

    Polaris Lock & Ride Rear Panel

    Lonny in IA

    Easy install

    Very easy to install just snap into place, Was trying to get dust reduction did help but am thinking lower door panels helped the most

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