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  • Polaris Pro HD Winch with Mount Plate

    Polaris Pro HD Winch with Mount Plate

    Tim in ID

    Very happy with it once I got it installed. Took 2 ...

    Winch has worked very well after I got it installed on my razor 800 4. Installing it was no fun. Instructions were poor. The kit had missing bolts.

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  • Polaris Winch Jumper Harness

    Polaris Winch Jumper Harness

    Norman in CO

    Excellent wire harness for the Polaris General winch.

    The winch jumper wire harness was a very easy install. I probably spent 10 minutes hooking it up. I had at one point figured it was going to be lots of work cutting and splicing wires until I found this kit.

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  • Polaris Winch Power Controller

    Polaris Winch Power Controller

    Aaron in IL

    Polaris Winch Controler

    Worked as described. Easy to install

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  • Polaris HD Winch Kit

    Polaris HD Winch Kit

    Jim in SD

    The instructions included a couple of unnecessary steps but overall the installation went well and everything works as it should.

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  • Polaris Pro HD Winch Kit

    Polaris Pro HD Winch Kit

    John in MI

    Instructions Need Updating

    When installing on a 2017 with the relocated voltage regulator, the harness for the regulator interfers with just about every aspect of the winch. You can make everything work, just can't route anything the way they say in the instructions, and you have to remove all of the wire retainers as the regulator harness uses the holes the winch harness should go in.

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  • Polaris Extreme Duty Front Bumper

    Polaris Extreme Duty Front Bumper

    Ronald in OH

    A bumper that provides excellent protection in a fr...

    I bought this Polaris bumper as as an exact replacement due to the one I destroyed in a front end collision. The other Polaris utility bumper held up well, it was deformed but saved the radiator and frame members. I have a 4,500 pound winch mounted to it and have had no problems with the bumper moving or stretching. The winch placement has not affected the airflow into the radiator and the winch free spool switch is much easier to operate then if it was hidden. I bought this bumper again because it is a heavy duty item and holds up to abuse!!

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