ATV Logic ATV Parts: Handlebar-Control

ATV Logic ATV Parts: Handlebar-Control

ATV Logic ATV Parts: Handguards

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  • ATV Logic Hand Protectors

    ATV Logic Hand Protectors

    Tyler in PA

    Works pretty good on my 400ex

    Worked great on my 400ex. Only complaint... they wont fit over my accerbis bark busters. I was able to squeeze them over the bark busters, but the hand protector rubs the throttle while leaning in hard turns and when standing up. They work great with no bark busters tho. It does take a little getting use to putting your hands into them rather than just putting your hands straight down on the grips. Also, I was very happy I got these ones rather than ones with a wool inside. They got pretty muddy on the inside from my gloves, but are easy to clean. Wool insides would just get dirty and stay that way. I rode all day tho in the snow with my Fox Dirtpaw gloves on and my hands never felt cold!

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