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  • AXO Weekender Gear Bag

    AXO Weekender Gear Bag

    Brian in CA

    Alright for the price

    Considering I picked this bag up for cheap I didn't expect much. I have had it for a year, am not very rough with it and it is already beaten to bits. I went to pick it up one day and the side completely ripped, the meshing inside has completely come apart. I am still continuing to use it for now and it has given me a good way to transport my gear for over a year so I cant complain to much. You get what you pay for. Would I buy again, no. Would I suggest it as a way to hold you over until you can afford or justify paying for a sturdier bag, yes.

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  • AXO MX Socks

    AXO MX Socks

    Kevin in CO

    Best ever

    These socks added 2 HP on the dyno. Amazing!

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