Race Tech Dirt Bike Parts: Suspension

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  • Race Tech Inner Fork Bushings

    Race Tech Inner Fork Bushings

    Jacob in OR

    Works flawlessly.

    Everyone told me to never buy aftermarket suspension parts for my bike, because it'll never seal properly, or they don't last, etc. Honestly, I haven't had a problem with these and they got me out of a really tight pinch. One shock was fine, and the other bushing was completely ruined because of a dent in the shock tube. Bought these and threw them on and was riding again the same day. 80 trail miles on them and 2 motos and they're still holding up.

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  • Race Tech Fork Springs

    Race Tech Fork Springs

    craig in WA

    A new bike feel

    No bottoming out. Firm feel and control. I used to try and avoid wash out/pot holes. Now I go right through them. I huge difference to the stock standard issue. Make sure you do the rear spring as well for maximum advantage.

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  • Race Tech Ultra Slick Fork Fluid

    Race Tech Ultra Slick Fork Fluid

    Gunnar in NC

    High quality oil is a must for any rebuild

    Race Tech makes good hard parts for all makes of suspension, and they make no exception to the oil they produce. Very high quality, and my riders who ask for just a refresh when I switch them over with an SKF fork and dust seal kit, think I give them special treatment every single service or think I coated something in the internals. Just the fact it is better than the oil the manufacturer produces, goes a long way in making you or your next client a very happy rider.

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  • Race Tech Shock Nitrogen Needle

    Race Tech Shock Nitrogen Needle

    Seth in PA

    Does its job

    Used to pump up the bladder on CC/Bladder forks. Comes with 2 needles. Works.

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  • Race Tech Shaft Holding Tool

    Race Tech Shaft Holding Tool

    Jeff in CO

    Must have if you work on your own suspenders.

    I didn't buy this tool for several years, under the delusion of saving money. It was always difficult to get things tight onto the cartridge without the right tool. Well, it finally bit me. The cartridge rod backed out, effectively lengthening it. When I pulled the forks apart at the end of the season, the "lengthened" cartridge rod pounded the preload adjuster (fork cap). The preload adjuster is ruined. The new one is $125. So much for saving money. If you service your own forks often, as I do, this tool is worth the asking price.

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  • Race Tech Damping Rod Fork Emulators

    Race Tech Damping Rod Fork Emulators

    Jaret in AR

    Amazing improvment over stock!

    Great product and very easy to instal. I called RaceTech and they gave me some baseline info to set them up for my weight and riding style. Great customer service from this company. Simple to instal and simple to adjust. They come with easy to understand instructions as well and the instructions explain how they work so that adjusting makes more sense.

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