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  • Rekluse Clutch Basket

    Rekluse Clutch Basket

    Cody in CO

    Good Fit

    My stock clutch basket was starting to wear and I was getting ready to installed a Rekluse auto clutch system on my bike. So I went with the Rekluse clutch basket work perfectly with the auto clutch. Basket is well made light strong and fits well with stock gear.

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  • Rekluse Core EXP Clutch 3.0

    Rekluse Core EXP Clutch 3.0

    Jacob in OK

    A must for GNCC type riding

    If your ride and kind of single track or woods type riding or even technical stuff this is a must. The will allow you to focus more on riding and don’t have to worry about using your Clutch wearing you hand out or stalling your bike in technical sections. Bike will work for efficient and can still use it as a normal clutch to get that getup if need be. It will chatter and make some noise so invest in a Hinson clutch basket to go with it. I wouldn’t recommend it for motocross but any other type of riding yes.

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  • Rekluse RadiusCX Clutch

    Rekluse RadiusCX Clutch

    DAVID in OR

    Single track ease

    Just cant believe how well this works , definitely has helped in the slow parts more technical areas. Just started back riding in the dirt and loving it.

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  • Rekluse Z-Start Pro Automatic Clutch

    Rekluse Z-Start Pro Automatic Clutch

    Rhett in UT

    Great product.

    Did a few desert ride didn't know if I liked it, but just did some single track riding and loved it. This is a upgrade I will put on all my bikes.

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  • Rekluse EXP 3.0 Clutch

    Rekluse EXP 3.0 Clutch

    David in AZ


    After riding my buddies 6 day KTM with a recent Rekluse install i said OK. I was a bit shell shocked to fork over the cash for this clutch and rear brake. (buy both!) I have ten rides on my bike since install and have ridden like never before. Hill climbing, no problem. Shifts, no problem. Never dies on a hill climb, never hits neutral on down shifts. Its awesome and I LOVE IT!!!

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  • Rekluse Clutch Friction Plate Set

    Rekluse Clutch Friction Plate Set

    seth in WA

    better than stock

    these frictions are better than the stock ones. clutch did not get hot and fade as much as stock clutch in the rough sections

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