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  • Renthal Aluminum 7/8" Handlebar

    Renthal Aluminum 7/8" Handlebar

    Dixon in VA

    Replacement for bent factory bars.

    Put these on to replace my bent factory bars look and feel is much better very happy with purchase.

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  • Renthal Twinwall 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Renthal Twinwall 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Michael in South Australia

    Best bars around

    Replaced the stock KTM85 SX bars with these twin walls on my sons bike and love them. Easy fit and as usual with Renthal quality is #1. Fitted an aluminium throttle tube which was easy after I didn’t read the description and ordered the wrong one. Have not moved in their mounts after a couple off stacks and the finish is nice and tough

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  • Renthal Quick Bond Grip Glue

    Renthal Quick Bond Grip Glue

    Nick in CA

    Great grip glue

    I have always used contact cement in the past. Thought I would try this stuff. Very impressed. No more contact cement for me. This was too easy and super fast.

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  • Renthal Fat Bar Pad

    Renthal Fat Bar Pad

    Shawn in AB

    Awesome bar pad. Compliments rethal bars!

    Renthal products are high quality and would highly recommend them for replacing oem when worn out!

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  • Renthal 1 1/8" FatBar

    Renthal 1 1/8" FatBar

    jason in NC


    bought a used KTM, previous owner cut the bars down. i was unable to position the levers far enough in board to suite my liking. these have a lot of control area.

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  • Renthal Factory SX Crossbar Pad

    Renthal Factory SX Crossbar Pad

    Joseph in MI

    A True Classic

    Fits well and is very durable. Nothing like the look of a classic Renthal bar pad.

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