Renthal Dirt Bike Accessories: Drive

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  • Renthal TwinRing Rear Sprocket

    Renthal TwinRing Rear Sprocket

    Tony in CA

    Good Product

    The sprocket is holding up well, and seems more durable than the full aluminum sprockets. I am a little concerned about the screws that secure the steel ring to the sprocket, a couple have come loose. I re-tightened them with permanent loctite, but I think Renthal should find a more permanent way to assemble these sprockets.

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  • Renthal Chain Lube

    Renthal Chain Lube

    joe in OR


    Way better than any aerosol lube

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  • Renthal 520 R-1 Works Chain

    Renthal 520 R-1 Works Chain

    Stephen in CO

    Works well

    Easy to throw on there and and looks great. I've had it on there for a few months now riding 2 or 3 times a week and it does seem to be stretching a little bit but not much. No complaints.

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  • Renthal Front Sprocket

    Renthal Front Sprocket

    Wes in ID

    5 stars

    Probably the highest quality front sprocket money can buy. Hands Down!

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  • Renthal 520 R3-2 O-Ring Chain

    Renthal 520 R3-2 O-Ring Chain

    Eddy in WA


    Great chain, gives a little stretch on first ride then settles in. Narrow enough not to grind crf case with front sprocket mounted in the factory orientation.

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  • Renthal Rear Sprocket

    Renthal Rear Sprocket

    ryan in CA

    good drive

    High quality output, might wear a little fast for some but you cant get that high performance without sacrificing some longivity

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