Roko Cold Weather Riding Gear

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  • Roko Goggle Quick Straps

    Roko Goggle Quick Straps

    KYLE in NE


    have used these for years, they allow you to quickly remove googles with one hand to allow them to vent and are very durable

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  • Roko Quick Strap Remount Kit

    Roko Quick Strap Remount Kit

    Jarvis in AR

    If you have more than one helmet you have to have t...

    I race XC an we race in mud dirt and even snow. In muddy condition I sometimes will have to change helmets several times during a race and these are great. Can change helmet and keep the goggles. Sometimes my goggles get covered in mud so I have to take them off. Yes I use roll offs but sometimes it is so bad I run out while on the course. I hate the feel of the goggles hanging around my neck. I have tried hanging them on my handlebars but I lost a couple pairs of goggles. But with this system I can pull one side loose and the hang out of my way and I have yet to lose my goggles. Also keeps my goggles from fogging up on the starting line.

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  • Roko Quick Strap Velcro Remount Kit

    Roko Quick Strap Velcro Remount Kit

    BRET in ID

    Great for breaks

    Works well. Makes it easy to put goggles on or off. Velcro stays sticky for a long time. Highly recommend this product.

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