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  • Scott No Fog Spray Cleaner

    Scott No Fog Spray Cleaner

    chuck in CA


    Jake Wilson was having a sale on this stuff so I bought six models of this stuff, I've tried applying this stuff by hand with a sponge with a terrycloth and nothing seems to work my helmet still fogs, I ride year-round so if somebody has a trick up their sleeve I would sure like to know it, lol.

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  • Scott No Fog Cloth

    Scott No Fog Cloth

    Tabitha in AL


    great stocking stuffer

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  • Scott Tech Sweathead Beanie

    Scott Tech Sweathead Beanie

    anthony in NV

    my first rating

    So I ordered this wrap as I am bald and thought it would be nice to have something between my head and helmet liner. I wore this on a 4 hour ride and it worked pretty darn good. However towards the end of the day my head started hurting, and I think it was the wrap. So maybe a little small for my melon, but I like the material and will try it out again on the next ride, maybe it streched some.

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