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  • Scott No Fog Cloth

    Scott No Fog Cloth

    JASON in CO

    Great to carry

    We ride a lot in damp conditions where this is a must have

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  • Scott No Fog Spray Cleaner

    Scott No Fog Spray Cleaner

    Mike in TX

    Excellent lens cleaner

    I used this on my last two day ride to prevent fogging on my goggles. I found it easier to clean and apply by popping the lens out of my goggles, washing it gently in water and soap to remove grit, then applying the cleaner and reinserting to the goggle frame. This prevented fogging in low temps pretty well. Only time I had issues was after serious sweating from a rough hill climb and sitting still at the top to recover. When you're moving, the airflow works great with this no fog spray.

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