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  • Shift WHIT3 Label Boots

    Shift WHIT3 Label Boots

    Ryan in TN

    Great value and price!

    I haven't seen a pair of Fox 180 boots, but I would say these are very similar since both companies are one in the same. They broke in rather quickly and are comfortable. I like the strap over the calf, very easy to close. The buckle hardware has come loose slightly, but that was expected and easily fixed. This is actually the first pair of boots I have ever owned and very happy with the purchase.

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  • Shift WHIT3 Air Gloves

    Shift WHIT3 Air Gloves

    Tommy in TX

    Shift gloves

    Always liked Shift products and these gloves are no different. Awesme gloves

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  • Shift Enforcer Knee/Shin Guards

    Shift Enforcer Knee/Shin Guards

    Michael in OR

    It doesn't have a swivel point towards the knee part, which I thought was going to be a problem, but once you wear them and put your riding pants in over them you can't even tell they are on and it doesn't bother me what so ever ehile riding! Full protection and at a great price. You can't turn these down!

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  • Shift Enforcer Elbow Guards

    Shift Enforcer Elbow Guards

    jennifer in IL


    these are very good quality, and fit very well. broke my elbow from riding. and this fits great and isnt uncomfortable.

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  • Shift WHIT3 Label Tarmac Helmet

    Shift WHIT3 Label Tarmac Helmet

    Steven in BC

    Great helmet.

    Very comfortable and reasonable price. Large openings in padding for your ears makes it work well with headphones.

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  • Shift WHIT3 Ninety Seven Pants

    Shift WHIT3 Ninety Seven Pants

    Brad in CO

    Good buy in my opinion

    I like these pants they are comfortable and slightly on the big side which is nice cuz I'm on the big size and it's hard to get pants that fit unless you want adventure style over the boots.

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