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  • Spy Replacement Lens Klutch/Whip/Targa3

    Spy Replacement Lens Klutch/Whip/Targa3

    Timothy in CO

    Keeps my old goggles working.

    Love my spy goggle, but i also beat up the lenses. Great lenses.

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  • Spy Woot Goggle

    Spy Woot Goggle

    Jesse in FL

    TOO tight on the face

    I wear mostly Spy and Smith goggles and have throughout the time I've been riding. I wear glasses a lot of the time under my goggles and never have an issue, but these seem to have a different liner or pad around the eyes that digs my specs into my nose. I have backup Spy and Smith goggles that don't do this, but I wanted some American flag googles and thought that these looked a lot like previous Spy models shape wise. Even without the glasses, these seem to push into my face. The adjustment doesn't help. Just makes them loose.

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  • Spy Breakaway Goggle

    Spy Breakaway Goggle

    Sarenna in WA


    It is a very very good product and we love using it and we have used it for a long time and we just get replacements lens and I would definitely recommend it one of the best out there for a good price

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  • Spy Omen Goggle Replacement Lens

    Spy Omen Goggle Replacement Lens

    Steve in CA

    Easy replacement. Like to wat the covering pulls off

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  • Spy Woot/Woot Race Goggle Replacement Lens

    Spy Woot/Woot Race Goggle Replacement Lens


    First one was bad but replacement was good

    Ordered the goggles first and the lense coating was peeling . RM replaced it under warranty without hassle. Always been a game of paying more for good goggles and the higher end spy's never disappoint

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  • Spy Woot/Woot Race Goggle Tear-Offs

    Spy Woot/Woot Race Goggle Tear-Offs

    Ralph in FL

    First time using tear off's.

    This is the time that I have used tear offs with a pair of goggles. The installation was easy. They did not hamper vision out of the lenses at all. I am very pleased with these and will use them every time I ride from now on.

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