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  • Suzuki Hand Guard Set

    Suzuki Hand Guard Set

    David in UT

    Good weather protection. Install carefully

    I bought these primarily to keep my hands out of the wind during cold weather riding on a 2006 DL650. I don't expect them to hold up if I drop the bike; there's no metal to help support them. However they do work great for what I bought them for and the price was much less than a true offroad handguard. Installation instructions were kind of hard to follow - search YouTube for a couple of informative videos, and learn from their mistakes. Especially, pay careful attention to where to put all spacers and washers. I believe the bottom bolt is designed to release the guards in a fall to allow them to flex and maybe survive. Also, work slowly when removing and reinserting the bar end bolts so that the little nut inside the handlebar doesn't come loose.

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