Suzuki ATV Accessories: Trunks and Bags

Suzuki ATV Accessories: Trunks

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  • Suzuki Utility Cargo Box

    Suzuki Utility Cargo Box

    Devin in PA

    Ok storage box.

    Holes are not predrilled or location marked for best place to drill. Could have maybe included a template for a few Suzuki ATV's or provided them online. Just had to measure twice and drill once and still only about 1/2 inch off center. The latches could be tighter. I feel like if I were to go over some large bumps to fast they may come unhooked, unless I use a lock. I had it out on a ride and I was correct the latches do come unhooked over bumps, I put a D clip to keep them latched. Also the latches are rusting after only 1 day of riding. I noticed this when loading up the next day to go riding. The box doesn't keep everything dry because of the holes in the bottom but some silicone should fix that part. The only reason I'm not giving it a 1 start is because it's a tough box, I heard it smacking into some leaning trees and not a mark on the box.

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