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  • Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet

    Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet

    Daniel in CO

    Comfy with Good Aero

    I got an AFX 41-DS last season and didnt really care for it. This helmet was a good decision. In gusty conditions I dont get the little fatiguing tugs on my helmet like I am used too. And I noticed after wearing it on my first ride with it for 2 hours I didnt feel like any relief when taking it off like I am also used too. It feels like much more than a $50 increase in helmet quality. Wind noise seems the same. Chinstrap comfort is better for me, and I appreciate the much larger cutouts for my usually origami folded ears. Thanks Bell and RMATVMC.

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  • Bell Revolver EVO Motorcycle Helmet

    Bell Revolver EVO Motorcycle Helmet

    clay in Alaska


    This helmet is amazing, fits much better (for me at least) than some helmets costing $200-300 more. I read lots of reviews about it being "noisy". Your on a motorcycle, going 70+ mph, welcome to motorcycling. I have a stack of helmets from Arai's to HJC's and I can tell you that they are all noisy. If it bothers you that much, maybe you should find a new hobby. If your not bothered by a little wind noise and you ride a motorcycle, you need a helmet. This helmet is comfortable, easy to use and best of all, has sunglasses built into it. Ive ridden with this helmet in the up position going 80mph and i was amazed that there wasn't any wind buffeting like I've experience with other modulars. The chin button is easy to find and use, as is the sunglass buttons. venting is OK, but no helmet I've used has venting worth talking about. The magnet for the strap is a nice touch also, Like most helmets, id recommend you find a place local to try it on as everyones head is different. Enjoy.

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