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  • Terry Cable Mighty Tire Iron

    Terry Cable Mighty Tire Iron

    Matt in MI


    This tire iron is a monster. I thought bigger was better, but with a standard 18 and 19 inch dirt bike tire, it was a little too big to get around the sprocket/disc area. I found the standard size irons suited my jobs better. But none the less, if you want a quality iron with lots of size and strength, THIS IS THE ONE!

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  • Terry Cable Ultimate TyER Iron

    Terry Cable Ultimate TyER Iron

    Chris in Pennsylvania

    Nice - but fragile!

    This is a great tire iron to use. Excellent feel, excellent leverage. But, I dropped it on the ground while changing a tire (on the ground, not on a bench or stand) and the plastic handle broke clean off. I cannot use it anymore. It's not like it broke the end off, literally the entire plastic handle broke off. Ah well.

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