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  • Thor Conquer Goggle

    Thor Conquer Goggle

    Briant in NY

    Nice and comfortable

    I wanted some nice goggles don't get me wrong there all nice just your preference .. But these are probably my favorite with the design and detail that was put into it I love them ,.. I got the gun metal and wow they look crazy in person you see details you don't see in the picture

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  • Thor Impact Rig SE Protector

    Thor Impact Rig SE Protector

    Garrett in MO

    Don't ride without it

    To give some info about myself: 23 yr old male 180 lbs. 6'4: I ordered the L/XL and it fits perfect. I have noticed that if you strap on the kidney belt too tight, the zippers in the back want to come undone. I did notice it getting a little warm, and it was a nice, cool, 60 degree day, but I also had 3 layers on. I've laid my bike down 5 or 6 times with this on and haven't felt a thing. It's a huge lifesaver and I wouldn't ride without it on. It is bulkier than a standard roost protector, but offers superior protection in my opinion. I wanted the extra protection because I'm a new rider and understood that I would be most likely falling over quite a bit. I'd rate this as a must have, along with a helmet, gloves, and riding boots.

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  • Thor Enemy Goggle

    Thor Enemy Goggle

    david in TN

    good for the price

    I have hit several tree limbs with these and do not notice any scratches. the anti fog lenses are great, I haven't had a single issue with fogging. they also look good. My MSR SC1 helmet does not push them down. Cons: they are hot and do not allow for much air in them.

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  • Thor Force XP Knee Guards

    Thor Force XP Knee Guards

    keith in AZ

    best pad sofar

    i have used pads{all types}, then switched to very expensive braces, now back to pads. these seem to be the most comfortable and well made pads i have used, as of now. fit and finish is perfect, closures are simple and quickly adjustable, no rubbing, all day comfort, tank squeeze leaves no dents in tank or legs. im done with braces, as i no longer believe the industry marketing. im convinced that braces give less performance as well as less protection compared to a hard shell wrap around knee pad. these crash well and sofar no scrapes or injury,,, my opinion so take it for what its worth to you. this pad is superior to others i have used sofar and are way better than the previous old model, which happen to be a great pad as well. these are just slimmer and seem to function better. great product.

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  • Thor Sector Knee Guards

    Thor Sector Knee Guards



    Ok, nothing special. they slide around a lot and i guess do the job. honestly I got riding boots and stopped wearing these... cheap though.

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