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  • Thor Sentry XP Body Armor

    Thor Sentry XP Body Armor

    Dwayne in MN

    Thor Sentry - Laugh off those gumby falls!

    I debated long and hard over what kind of armor to buy. I settled on Thor for it's looks, price and protection. I used it, literally on my first ride, taking a tumble. Got up and thought, I didn't even feel that! The only thing that is not protected is your underarm rib area. I unfortunately fell sideways onto a tree stump with my arm up. Yes, a whack right to the ribs. Made me think about RM reviews of one of the brands that had protection here.

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  • Thor Sector Level Helmet

    Thor Sector Level Helmet

    Ryan in VA

    Great Helmet

    Great overall helmet. It's lightweight, has a good chinstrap design, and isn't too tight out of the box like some helmets. I'm a large and it fit me perfectly without having to have a day or two break-in period.

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  • Thor Guardian MX Roost Deflector

    Thor Guardian MX Roost Deflector

    Hunter in TN

    Pretty good.

    Great overall protection but can take a little be to get the straps to where its comfortable. does not work very well under the jersey as it is a little to bulky for that. over the jersey works fine

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  • Thor Sector Knee Guards

    Thor Sector Knee Guards

    cameron in WA

    Great fit and comfortable

    I got the for my 5 year old. He keeps them on and does not complain about them so that says a lot. Great protection!

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  • Thor Pulse Taper Pant

    Thor Pulse Taper Pant

    Ron in VA

    Quality Craftsmanship

    My family has been in the textile industry since 1935 and I can tell you for sure that this product is quality made. It has an adjustable belt, hip padding, and different materials where needed (protection, ventilation, etc.). I've purchased many motocross pants over the past four decades and this impressed me the most.

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  • Thor Pulse Taper Jersey

    Thor Pulse Taper Jersey

    Ron in VA

    Quality Product

    This is a very well made garment. For example, they didn't simply sew a sleeve closure straight around, they did some fancy diagonal then back. Hard to explain but it shows that they put some pride into their work.

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