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  • Tusk Valve Stem Puller

    Tusk Valve Stem Puller

    Adam in TX

    BEST ... TOOL.... EVER!

    This is awesome. Really saves you a bunch of messing around when locating your tube. Wish I had one years ago! Wires start to fray over time, though - buy 2!

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  • Tusk Hex Axle Tool

    Tusk Hex Axle Tool

    Nick in NY

    Easy to use

    Very easy tool to use and is not horribly priced. Originally got it for one job and used it for 5 other things. Awesome tool

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  • Tusk Adjustable Height Motorcycle Tire Changing Stand

    Tusk Adjustable Height Motorcycle Tire Changing Stand

    Dwane in MA

    Great inexpensive stand

    Don’t ever change a tire again without this stand. Makes it easy, even on the smaller wheels. My only problem was I was going so fast I pinched the tube on my first tire change.

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  • Tusk Thread Repair Kit

    Tusk Thread Repair Kit

    Lukas in CA

    Tusk thread repair

    I'm pretty sure it only works with the Helicoil insert but it's sufficient enough.

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  • Tusk Grip End Cutter Set

    Tusk Grip End Cutter Set

    Alessandro in CA

    Good tool, but be sure it's what you need.

    Compared to other Tusk products, it's relatively expensive. It works very well and does what it's advertised for. Just make sure the cutter is properly positioned and centered inside the grip before hitting it with a hammer (a bit of water/soap might help).

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  • Tusk Pro Caliber Tire Pressure Gauge

    Tusk Pro Caliber Tire Pressure Gauge

    adam in CA

    easy way to set tire pressure

    Makes setting the tire pressure on my dirt bike easy. Just pump tire up. Then use bleed off pressure button to let pressure out until you hit the pressure you want.

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