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  • Tusk MX Grips

    Tusk MX Grips

    Preston in AZ

    Feel good and amazing price

    They feel nice and work good as any other grip 3 to 4 times the price. Will buy again.

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  • Tusk Aluminum Handguards

    Tusk Aluminum Handguards

    William in KY

    Good protection

    Need to be tweeked to fit KLR650

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  • Tusk Handlebar Risers

    Tusk Handlebar Risers

    DAVE in OH

    love these things!

    Been running these on my KLX300 for years and they've survived many falls. Put them on my GF's KX100 to improve her riding position when standing and its just what she needed! If you're looking for more room in your cockpit, get a pair of these. Best bang for the buck you'll find.

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  • Tusk Throttle Cable

    Tusk Throttle Cable


    Does not fit an aftermarket mikuni carb.

    I made the mistake of thinking all throttle cable lengts are created equal. Turns out if you have an after market carb it most likely won't be the correct length. Make sure you've got the stock carb and it will be the right length. Wish tusk would come out with more availability if you've got after market carbs/throttle housings. Quality seemed decent and the price was something to write home to mom about.

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  • Tusk Safety Wire Pliers

    Tusk Safety Wire Pliers

    Nick in MI

    Work good, fairly durable

    Installed around 250 sets of grips so far with one set. The wire cutter part is getting pretty dull and the point on the pliers is wearing down. But again, they have installed over 250 sets. I wish there was more of a point to the plier part and easier to lock closed.

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  • Tusk Folding Shift Lever

    Tusk Folding Shift Lever

    Michael in PA

    Great Replacment

    Very similar to OEM fit great and works well.

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