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  • Tusk Aluminum Brake Pedal

    Tusk Aluminum Brake Pedal

    Jim in AZ


    Nice brake pedal - needed a new one and why buy a stock one when you can have one of these? Much more bullet-proof, looks trick, and a great price - nuff said!

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  • Tusk Aluminum Handguards

    Tusk Aluminum Handguards

    Bruce in TX

    Low price for effective protection

    After dropping my dual sport bike on a steep, rock-covered slope and breaking the clutch lever, I realized the need to invest in more serious handguards (and improve my downhill braking technique). Researching several options, favorable comments about these handguards on a KLR650.net forum convinced me that I should give them a try. I'm glad I did, as they have done a great job in protecting both hands and levers for the last couple of years.

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  • Tusk Grip Lever Set

    Tusk Grip Lever Set

    MIKE in OH

    love the feel

    the brake lever didn"t fit as easy as stock but I love the extra grip from the rubber.

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  • Tusk Left Hand Dual Sport Mirror

    Tusk Left Hand Dual Sport Mirror

    Caleb in WA


    Good price, a little short.

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  • Tusk Folding Shift Lever

    Tusk Folding Shift Lever

    Carl in PA

    Long Lasting

    My OEM shifter began to break and bend so I tried this one out and it works quite well. I've had it for a whole season and it's still holding up and doesn't seem to show any wear.

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  • Tusk Right Hand Dual Sport Mirror

    Tusk Right Hand Dual Sport Mirror

    Caleb in WA

    Good price

    Street legal, under $10 each. I would pay few dollars more for longer mirror

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