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  • Tusk Y-Box Wrench

    Tusk Y-Box Wrench

    TONY in WY

    Great trail tool

    Great trail tool, easy to pack. Light weight and durable.

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  • Tusk T-Handle Wrench Screwdriver

    Tusk T-Handle Wrench Screwdriver

    BRYCE in MN

    A must have tool for any tool box.

    This tool comes in handy for all my little jobs and some big ones. It is pretty sturdy and well made. the handle is large enough to get a good amount of torque on the screw or nut being tightened and so far the tool has been very durable and not let me down while being used.

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  • Tusk Flywheel Puller

    Tusk Flywheel Puller

    Dillon in WV

    Flywheel puller

    Fit the flywheel perfectly and pulled it off with ease

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  • Tusk Mini Ratchet Tool Set

    Tusk Mini Ratchet Tool Set

    Luz in WA

    Perfect little tool

    Has saved my bacon several times

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  • Tusk Y-Allen Wrench

    Tusk Y-Allen Wrench

    Luz in WA

    I use this all the time

    A must have for the toolbox

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  • Tusk T-Handle Driver

    Tusk T-Handle Driver

    Timothy in WA

    If you don't have one, you need one (or more).

    I have 10 bikes in my stable...It really is a pain to take them apart and clean them all after every ride.....Using a T-handle makes this chore a quite a bit more bearable....and it's faster too! I think that 3 of these and a set of deep sockets is a must for tool boxes.

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