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  • Tusk Force UTV Doors Kit

    Tusk Force UTV Doors Kit

    Peter in OH

    Don't settle for anything less

    I was waiting for another manufacturer to market a set of full plastic skins that they had fitment issues with on earlier runs when I ran across these. These Tusk aluminum skins appear to be around 12 gauge aluminum, I couldn't find out the alloy but would guess them to be 4043 or similar and hydroformed from one solid sheet rather than bent and welded which gives them superior strength. The fitment was excellent and with the supplied weatherstripping they ended up when closed having around 90% door to body closure. This will be great for mud and cold air protection. The powder coating had only a blem or two in each door but overall the coating looks nice and only time will tell how well it will hold up. They were both well packaged and all hardware needed for the installation was supplied. The small wings were a well designed fit also and the whole installation taking care not to scuff the finish took 15-20 minutes tops by myself. The doors are super rigid, shut better than original re-using the original door frame and I think they look awesome. I have zero regret in what I was at first having a hard time throwing 400 bucks down for. These are the way to go if you want something that serves up superior mud and weather protection while still offering great safety and protection to the passengers. I think most anyone that like the looks of these will be happy campers with there purchase of the Tusk doors.

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  • Tusk SubZero Snow Plow Kit, Winch Equipped ATV, 50" Blade

    Tusk SubZero Snow Plow Kit, Winch Equipped ATV, 50" Blade

    Mike in Utah

    it's the star of our neighborhood!

    I originally bought this blade for a 2003 Polaris but upgraded to a 2014 Honda Foreman. Tusk and Rock Mountain ATV were both wonderful to work with. The mounting hardware for the Polaris didn't match up to my Honda, so there was a delay there. Tusk borrowed a machine from a nearby Honda dealer and manufactured exactly what I needed - and sent it out at no charge! Since then, when it snows, either I or my daughter are the scourge of the whole neighborhood. This blade and 4x4 combination out performs any and all others in our neighborhood! After 5 years of use I'm finally needing a couple of replacement parts. I'd say they're long over due. Others would have had to replace their whole system by now. I'm very satisfied with the plow and the service I've received.

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  • Tusk Replacement Fender Rivets

    Tusk Replacement Fender Rivets

    Kael in UT

    Tusk replacement fender rivets are amazing

    Put them on and they have never fell off broke or anything of that sort, and i ride my machine in some rough places.

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  • Tusk Billet Aluminum Gas Cap

    Tusk Billet Aluminum Gas Cap

    JOSEPH in CA

    More Bling Bling

    Lets be honest, it does its job keeping fuel in and adds a lil bling up high. With the short vent hose it cleans up the control area.

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  • Tusk A-Arm Guards

    Tusk A-Arm Guards

    Matthew in PA


    Great plates for the price. Excellent fit

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  • Tusk SubZero Plow Replacement Gravel Skids

    Tusk SubZero Plow Replacement Gravel Skids

    Reed in CO

    Rawhide in Co.

    I ordered the gravel skids mid day on Tuesday received on Thursday in my mail box. Excellent service, great parts.

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