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  • Tusk Cartridge Rod Holding Tool

    Tusk Cartridge Rod Holding Tool

    katherine in OH

    does what it is suppose to

    worked just fine

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  • Tusk Steering Stem Wrench

    Tusk Steering Stem Wrench

    katherine in OH

    work fine

    worked good

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  • Tusk Fork Cap Wrench

    Tusk Fork Cap Wrench

    Nathan in MN

    works good

    Nice to have the right tools for the job

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  • Tusk KLR650 Shock Bumper

    Tusk KLR650 Shock Bumper

    J-Dog in Utah

    worked awesome

    I rebuilt my stock shock and put the top gun spring on. my stock bumper was falling apart. I put this on to replace the stocker. It fit perfect and works great!

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  • Tusk Steering Stem Spanner Wrench

    Tusk Steering Stem Spanner Wrench

    Kenny in UT

    Does what it is supposed to, but nothing special.

    I bought this because I believe in doing things correctly, with precision. Sure, you could use a punch and a mallet to adjust your steering stem, but that's what a barbarian would do. This costs so little, why wouldn't you have one in your toolbox? My only complaint is that it does look and feel pretty cheap. This is not really an issue however, as this tool doesn't take much abuse or torque - it works fine for what it's made to do.

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  • Tusk Neoprene Seal Guards

    Tusk Neoprene Seal Guards

    Marc in CO

    As advertised

    FYI, you need to take the forks out of the triple clamp to install. Not the end of the world ... But also not a 5 minute job either. Other than that should work as advertised.

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