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  • Tusk Tec-Core Battery with Acid

    Tusk Tec-Core Battery with Acid

    Anthony in CA

    Holds charge and starts bike.

    Not much to say other than it fits, holds a charge and starts the bike just fine. Not having liquid battery acid to spill when bike is on its side or other attitudes is priceless.

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  • Tusk Pack-A-Plug

    Tusk Pack-A-Plug

    Brett in NC


    .99 promo buy. Can't have too many

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  • Tusk Spark Plug Holder

    Tusk Spark Plug Holder

    Yancy in NM

    good for my cr85 plugs but not for crf450r

    CR85 puls fit snug. CRF450R plugs rattle around inside. I will get different ones for the 450. The last thing I need is to damage my $13 plugs when I need them.

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  • Tusk Lithium Battery

    Tusk Lithium Battery

    John in FL

    Nice but not more powerful

    Take a look at the cranking amps - 125 - which is pretty close to stock. The battery is super light and seems well made and does a just fine job of starting up my bike, but not a better job. For a little more money, you can get a lithium that puts out 210 CA, which will start the bike a lot better. Hindsight, that's what I should have done. Next e-start bike will get a Shorai.

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  • Tusk Universal On/Off Switch

    Tusk Universal On/Off Switch

    Nicholas in UT

    Nice Switch

    Matches everything on my KLR handlebars, and been in the weather for a year. Still works perfectly. It is used for my AUX lights.

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  • Tusk Portable Power and Jump Starter

    Tusk Portable Power and Jump Starter

    jake in Arkansas

    great kit

    this works well. I mostly use it to charge my gps and phone, but I did have to jump my minivan. worked awesome!

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