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  • Tusk Neoprene Seal Guards

    Tusk Neoprene Seal Guards

    JON in WA

    They collect debris inside, will wipe out seals

    They seemed like a good idea until both fork seals were wiped out after one race. I will never use them again. The velcro style might work better as you can check/clean them easier.

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  • Tusk Fork Seal Driver

    Tusk Fork Seal Driver

    William in WI

    Why did I wait

    Even a curmudgeon like me finally saw the light and bought a driver. Best tool purchase in a long time. That and the fork tools.

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  • Tusk Fork Seals

    Tusk Fork Seals

    Ashley in OR

    5 sets a month on customers bikes

    A;ways check the tubes for nicks and deburr with 400grit while servicing. Fork inner/outer bushings need to be in good condition also. Replace dust seals if needed and you will not have any probs with these.

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  • Tusk Digital Suspension Pump

    Tusk Digital Suspension Pump

    Dan in WY

    Using on a 2015 CRF250R

    Have been using this all season on a 15 CRF250R and it has worked perfectly, would suggest purchasing the Works No Air Loss adapter at the same time. This is the most economical high pressure air pump combination. BTW, make sure to bleed the air (oil) out of the balance chamber before connecting pump.

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  • Tusk KLR650 Shock Bumper

    Tusk KLR650 Shock Bumper

    J-Dog in Utah

    worked awesome

    I rebuilt my stock shock and put the top gun spring on. my stock bumper was falling apart. I put this on to replace the stocker. It fit perfect and works great!

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  • Tusk Adjustable Fork Seal Driver

    Tusk Adjustable Fork Seal Driver

    DALE in MD

    Does not work on 2004 RM85

    For example...it is not deep enough to drive the bushing and washer on RM85 forks. I had to cut a 1 1/4" pvc coupling down to use as longer fingers This is the first time ever that I was disappointed in a TUSK tool. Quality is ok...should cost less! Waste of money in my case! I will try it on my CRF 450 in the future and edit this review!

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