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  • Tusk Flange Locking Lug Nut

    Tusk Flange Locking Lug Nut

    Michael in VA


    Good lug nuts very secure torque with these

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  • Tusk Ultra Lite Tire Iron

    Tusk Ultra Lite Tire Iron

    Matt in MI

    Great iron.

    Small, but they work!!! I doubted these until I used them. I mounted a 10" tire and wheel on a Honda XR50 and an 18" tire/wheel on a CR250 and these irons are TOUGH. They did not bend at all.

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  • Tusk Rubber Valve Support/Seal

    Tusk Rubber Valve Support/Seal

    Matt in MI

    Keeps the water out!

    Great fit, keeps the water out. Use these on all my bikes.

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  • Tusk Valve Stem Puller

    Tusk Valve Stem Puller

    Kevin in TX

    Get this if you use Heavy Duty tubes

    I spent hours trying to get my IRC heavy duty tube into my Kenda Trackmaster II tire. I just could not get the valve stem lined up with the hole. Then I remembered I had this tool (didn't have to use it for front tire), and I figured out HOW to use it. You may need to thread it through one side of the wheel while you're working the inner tube into the other side. At any rate, I pulled the valve core and connected this baby, and was able to pull the valve stem through the rim hole and it saved my ass. TL;DR - If you use a heavy duty inner tube and a tire with a stiff carcass, this thing is worth its weight in gold!

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  • Tusk Pro Caliber Tire Pressure Gauge

    Tusk Pro Caliber Tire Pressure Gauge

    Frank in CA

    Great gauge

    I wish it was a bit more compact for travel but as for the accuracy I have compared it to other accurate gauges and it is very accurate.

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  • Tusk 16 Gram CO2 Inflator Kit

    Tusk 16 Gram CO2 Inflator Kit

    PAUL in OH

    A trail must

    Wow! I didn't have this 16 years ago and getting a flat 30 miles from camp is no fun. This product put my mind at ease. Love it but buy extra cartridges because you need at least 2 for a 450 bike.

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