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  • Tusk Spark Plug Wrench

    Tusk Spark Plug Wrench

    ADAM in OH

    Great tool

    Fit perfectly on a ngk plug and in between the head like the stock ones

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  • Tusk Portable Power and Jump Starter

    Tusk Portable Power and Jump Starter

    Alexander in NS

    Don't leave without one

    This is probably one of the most valuable items I've put in my bags for any trip. Never have to worry about a dead battery or bump starting your bike again. Charge phones, gps, cameras with the multi adapter provided. Excellent product.

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  • Tusk 6 Way Spoke Wrench

    Tusk 6 Way Spoke Wrench

    daniel in UT

    clever, convenient, and small

    This little wrench is a great tool that pretty much everyone has a use for. It's cheap in price, high in quality, and a size that is large enough to fit in your hand but small enough to stash away easily. The stepped jaw design is clever and really convenient because you can use one tool on multiple sizes of nipple. You don't have to keep track of little detachable wrench heads. Some may complain that it's too short and not enough leverage, but with spoke nipples you're talking inch pounds not foot pounds. So unless your muscles are made of twizzlers this wrench has plenty of leverage. All in all it's a solid tool. Surprisingly heavy for its size, which im fine with. Definitely doesn't feel like it will bend, and the edges of the jaws have held up well without any rounding or widening.

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  • Tusk Palm Protectors

    Tusk Palm Protectors

    josh in California

    works better than expected

    they worked well. no blisters. Never used these before, so I thought they felt funny at first, but didn't notice them after riding for a few minutes.

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  • Tusk Course Marker Black Arrow and Danger X Sign

    Tusk Course Marker Black Arrow and Danger X Sign

    Gregory in OH

    Tusk course marker arrows

    Would work good for race events good brite and easy to see . not good for marking long term use tracks! Fade quickly and rain softens them till stapples won't hold .

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  • Tusk 3-Way Mini T-Handle Wrench Tool Kit

    Tusk 3-Way Mini T-Handle Wrench Tool Kit

    Mason in WA

    slick setup

    Compact, functional, and cheap.

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