Tusk Dual Sport Parts: Drive

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  • Tusk Master Link Clip Pliers

    Tusk Master Link Clip Pliers

    Josh in WA

    I Love these

    no more messing with the master link clip with regular pliers and a flathead! These make it a breeze to remove and clip back on the clip

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  • Tusk Chain Press Tool

    Tusk Chain Press Tool


    Good value

    Not to expensive and did just what I needed it to do.

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  • Tusk Racing Axle Block

    Tusk Racing Axle Block

    Stephen in CA

    Look great, work great.

    They look awesome on the bike. I used a vernier caliper to verify that the marks on the blocks are accurate, they are to about .5mm. That is good IMO. I like how the axle and the nut washer are recessed into the block with these. Looks cleaner and seems like a better design than factory. ONLY complaint, all the Tusk products blue's are different shades of blue. My Tusk flag holder, fuel vent, brake reservoir caps and oil fill plugs are different colors.

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  • Tusk Billet Aluminum Case Saver

    Tusk Billet Aluminum Case Saver

    Claudio in FL

    good for protect the case

    Good but tusk dont made in black color..

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  • Tusk Chain Riveting Tool

    Tusk Chain Riveting Tool

    don in OH

    Easy Peezy

    This tool makes riveting a chain very easy. I just used it for the first time to rivet a DID VT2 x-ring chain. (1st time riveting a chain). I don't know about long term or using it to break a chain. It should be ok. The Motion Pro pins are interchangeable. Tip; get a pocket caliper, $7, to measure the width of the peened pin. DID says .217 to.228 inches. Or about 5.6mm, to be sure you peen it out completely.

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  • Tusk Heavy Duty Chain Breaker Replacement Pin

    Tusk Heavy Duty Chain Breaker Replacement Pin


    . Good tool

    It is well made, dose good job pushing rivited pins out. Use oil on tool threds, makes tool last longer and work easyer.

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