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  • Urethane Supply Plastic Welding Kit, Replacement Welding Rod

    Urethane Supply Plastic Welding Kit, Replacement Welding Rod

    JASON in PA

    Very Impressed!

    Had a 10" tear in my front grizzly fender from a stick poke through that i tried to repair previously with a soldering iron to melt/fuse, then flex seal to prevent mud from coming through. Needless to say, the melting from the iron didnt hold since i did not add any plastic filler. I bought this welder hoping to make it work a little better and was pleasantly surprised. It gets hotter than my soldering iron and has a big footprint to disperse the heat. Similar to welding steel, you simply melt out a groove to prep the material, then push a filler rod through and smooth it all out. My plastics are the limited edition so you see the repair work, but it sure beats seeing where the hole used to be then watching the water and mud pour through. Not sure why the tool is currently unavailable, but this is A MUST HAVE!!!!

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