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  • Works Connection Digital Shock Pump

    Works Connection Digital Shock Pump

    Robert in BC

    A small modification away from being awesome

    The shraeder valve at the bottom of the fork leg is VERY difficult to thread the pump on and off fast enough to not allow too much air to escape while trying to remove the pump, thus lowering the intended air pressure. Even when I remove the disc guard, it is still VERY hard to get your fingers in there and try to thread on/off the tiny little swivel head portion. It is very frustrating for me. Please test it on a stock 2015 CRF250R (the lower fitting called the balance chamber), you will no doubt agree. I feel that this product would be EXCELLENT if you could make the bottom portion above the swivel that is currently only ¼ inch tall and very hard grasp and thread onto the lower fitting which is recessed into the lower fork leg casting, If you could make that metal fitting at least one inch to 1.25 inches long below the swivel and make the perimeter by the swivel with much more pronounced bumps (like the idle adjuster on Honda throttle bodies), that will make it very easy to grip and turn, even with gloves on. It is a pretty good product, but I feel that a small modification as I described will make it the best and easiest to use product on the market!! You will sell many more!!! I need an easier to grip and easier to turn fitting that can easily reach into the recessed lower fork leg casting to access that lower shrader valve, it should be long enough to be able to thread into place with the stock disc guard in place.

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  • Works Connection Air Fork EZ Fill

    Works Connection Air Fork EZ Fill


    Sooooo Needed

    Gotta have these if you have air forks unless you want to take the bars off before every ride and in between motos.

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  • Works Connection Valve Caps

    Works Connection Valve Caps

    KEVIN in CA

    No slow leaks through valve caps

    The plastic valve caps that come with tubs would always leak a little when my bike would sit for a while. I would always have to add air before I ride. With these I haven't had a problem. They are a little pricey for just a valve cap, but I used my frequent buyer cash to get them and I like them.

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