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  • Yamaha OEM Oil Filter

    Yamaha OEM Oil Filter

    Michael in NV

    Yamaha filter for Yamaha engines

    Only filter to run on my Yamaha.

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  • Yamaha GYTR Heavy-Duty Clutch Kit

    Yamaha GYTR Heavy-Duty Clutch Kit

    christopher in MA


    Out in the woods, in about 2 1/2 feet of water i finally blew the clutch on my Raptor. If you were wondering about which clutch to use on your Raptor... let me help you out. THIS ONE!!! If you have ever done a clutch on these quads, you know it's a fair amount of work. I wasn't about to go cheap on quality... the Raptor is back. Powerful and tremendous grab when the lever comes out... worth every penny for this product!!!

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  • Yamaha OE Top End Gasket Kit

    Yamaha OE Top End Gasket Kit

    Justin in CA

    Wouldn't run anything else

    Really nice gaskets, much nicer than the all paper ones provided by wiseco, cometic, tusk, etc. An air leak in your base gasket can blow up a 2t motor, the extra 10-15$ on OE gaskets is so worth it. Wouldn't rebuild my yz with anything else. Everything you need for a top end, best quality you can get, only way to go.

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  • Yamaha OE Bottom End Gasket Kit

    Yamaha OE Bottom End Gasket Kit


    Works great

    I use tusk gaskets on all my bikes. They work fine and always fit. Never any issues.

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  • Yamaha OE Clutch Kit

    Yamaha OE Clutch Kit

    AL in FL

    Factory fresh

    Chose this kit over more heavy duty since I don't race and wanted the feel of what it used to be (mostly for loading it in my truck!) with no surprises. Chose this kit because I don't race and didn't need a more heavy duty clutch. Wanted the feel of the original (partly to get it loaded into my truck!) with no surprises. Just needed the plates and springs, basket was good. Clutch was grabby as heck and had to basically dump the clutch to get it to roll in first.

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