Yamalube UTV Tires and Wheels: UTV Tire Tools and Accessories

Yamalube UTV Tires and Wheels: Tire Tools & Accessories

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  • Yamalube Tire Mount Lube

    Yamalube Tire Mount Lube

    JUSTIN in PA

    Way better than dish soap and water

    I just started changing my own street and dirt tires. Its never a pleasant job. I used dish soap, and sometime windex to help the process, and of course, it does help. This stuff is next level for me, it works so well. I can mount the tires easily with my hand to get started, and that last little bit that always caused me problems just slips right into place now. Beads snap on with ease also. When I run out, I will re-order for sure. Not sure how long it will last, but I have used it on 3 tire changes now, and there is still a lot bit left in the can, so I imagine I will get a lot more changes out of one can.

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