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  • Pro-Taper Grip Glue

    Pro-Taper Grip Glue

    Laura in WY

    Excellent Product

    Be prepared to put those grips on as soon as you put the glue on! Works perfect!

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  • Pro-Taper Contour 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Pro-Taper Contour 1 1/8" Handlebar

    mike in OR

    love these bars

    I put these on all my bikes. and I thow all my renthals in the bushes. Pro taper bars are seriously tough they wont bend when your buddy knocks your bike over.

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  • Pro-Taper Profile Pro/Profile Perch Hotstart Lever

    Pro-Taper Profile Pro/Profile Perch Hotstart Lever

    Richard in IN

    Not universal

    I bought this for my RMZ 250 2012. Not only did the cable not fit (which was mentioned in the fine print) I got a cable to match it, then it would not fit my stock clutch perch. The holes were a little off so I drilled them out so they would match and I could go ride but when i got the bolts to tighten it bottomed out on the perch and did not get tight on the handle bar.

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  • Pro-Taper Blister Busters

    Pro-Taper Blister Busters

    Scott in CA

    Provides some additional protection

    I found that after a full days riding, my hands were getting rubbed raw. When I purchased new handlebars and grips I also purchased these blister busters. They do help. My hands don't get nearly as beat up as before.

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  • Pro-Taper Molded Crossbar Pad

    Pro-Taper Molded Crossbar Pad

    Ryan in MI

    looks great!

    Bought for my crf150r and had it for a year and still looks like new. Would definitely buy again.

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  • Pro-Taper EVO 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Pro-Taper EVO 1 1/8" Handlebar

    jeff in OK

    Great bars

    I am 6ft 2 and my son is also 6ft 2. We use the windham bend. We have tried several other bar manufacturers like renthal and others. The windham bend in the pro taper evos are the most comfortable bar we have ever used. If you are a taller rider and you are looking for bars I hope you read this review and pick you a set up today, you will not be disappointed.

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