Boyesen Dual Sport Accessories: Fuel and Air Intake Systems

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  • Boyesen Super Stock Carbon Reeds

    Boyesen Super Stock Carbon Reeds

    mike in UT


    We recently rebuilt the 1990 CR500 engine in our 2010 crf250 frame and noticed the reeds were chipped on the tips. We put these in and it runs great.

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  • Boyesen Super Stock Fiber Reeds

    Boyesen Super Stock Fiber Reeds

    Jeff in CA

    These are durable!

    I replaced my previously warn reeds with these boyesen reeds and they have been solid and havent broke down at all. I run these in the stock reed cage and it made a noticeable difference in engine crispness. And the fiber reeds are a good price.

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  • Boyesen Pro Series Reeds

    Boyesen Pro Series Reeds

    allen in CO

    cheap easy install, noticeable snap

    these were easy to install and they created better throttle response. it was a good cheap upgrade.

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  • Boyesen Quickshot 3 Accelerator Pump Cover

    Boyesen Quickshot 3 Accelerator Pump Cover

    Daniel in IL

    Great Purchase

    This was a very good purchase for me. I spent the last week trying to get the leak jet set up. After trial and error I decided to purchase the Quickshot. Woke the bottom end right up!!

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  • Boyesen Quickstart

    Boyesen Quickstart

    Kat in UT

    so so

    Well, I'm really not sure this added any value to my hard starting situation. The dealer added it when they did shimmed the valves. I haven't been able to find documentation on the purpose of the knob near the carburator end. The "start" pull replaced the OEM "hot start" on the WR250F. All in all, it's not clear that this unit made a huge difference on my bike. I think the valve shims did more to fix the hard starting.

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