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  • Hardline Fender Bench

    Hardline Fender Bench


    yes, it is worth the money

    When I first saw this product, I thought it was a bit overpriced for what it was; essentially a plastic tray that would sit on your fender and hold tools and a few small parts. I mean, common, most people have a tool bench that is just a few steps away from the bike. HOWEVER, after using it, I'm convinced that this tray is a really, really nice tool tray to have. There is a velcro strap on the bottom that is adjustable and stretches to allow you to slip the strap under the rear fender as you slide the tray into place. The tray, as you can see, has several sections to hold different tools or nuts and bolts that are being pulled from the bike. Recently I've replaced the my handlebar, and having a place to put my nuts and bolts, along with the tools within *EASY* reach of what I'm working on is VERY CONVENIENT, and saves me time. I don't have to make several hundred trips to the work bench, looking for that Allen Wrench. I know exactly where it is; in the tray. When working on a bike, I've come to understand this item is a must have for convenience and sanity (such as not loosing nuts and bolts).

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