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  • Icon Alliance GT Rubatone Full-Face Helmet

    Icon Alliance GT Rubatone Full-Face Helmet

    Aaron in IL

    Excellent Helmet

    Great value for the cots of the helmet.

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  • Icon Stryker Shorts

    Icon Stryker Shorts

    alan in CT

    Unique fitment did not work for me

    Returned this item ,everybody is different . The waist line to crotch distance is a bit on the short size ,but the leg/hips were a bit on the big size ,probably work good for shorter stocky builds. Very nice removable pads and vented materials are used in construction .Not a cheap item ,but well built. Just did not fit me well. High protection level on hips.

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  • Icon Field Armor 2 Motorcycle Boots

    Icon Field Armor 2 Motorcycle Boots

    Robert in NM

    Can't getrid of mine

    I have an older pair that have held up great (dual sport riding in rocky country). I decided to order a new pair but they were very stiff and seemed to have a lot more plastic on them. Sent them back. Maybe I was just used to my broken in pair, which I eventually got fixed at a boot shop. They are ventilated and it gets hot here in NM in summer. And since it rarely rains it's not a problem. I do have a pair of waterproof street boots and it drives me nuts how long it takes for them to dry out. My new boots have zippers which I hate. I'll probably give these a try again next time I need boots.

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  • Icon Pursuit Gloves

    Icon Pursuit Gloves

    Dominic in FL

    Fantastic glove still riding with them after 10 yrs.

    I bought these gloves or almost the exact pair back in 2006. I'm finally considering buying another pair. The seams are still like new only problem is that I have worn through the leather on my thumb. The knuckle no less.other than that look great

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  • Icon Super Duty 4 Motorcycle Boots

    Icon Super Duty 4 Motorcycle Boots

    Carmine in CA

    Not happy with these

    Sent them back, did not fit right. Not the shoes issue, just my feet

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