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  • Icon D30 Shoulder Armor

    Icon D30 Shoulder Armor

    Casey in TX

    Great Armor

    The D30 shoulder armor fits so well I cannot even feel them. I sweat a lot in warmer temps and have not had any sweat issues with them. I have not spilled yet so I cannot speak of how well the armor works with an impact.

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  • Icon D30 Back Armor

    Icon D30 Back Armor

    David in NC

    Ribbed for Your Pleasure.

    Seems very well made, fit my jacket pocket well. I like the wavy raised "ribs" that help with airflow and weight. It's very flexibility. I have no idea how it will perform upon actual impact, I hope I never find out, but I rated it 5 stars anyway.

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  • Icon Airmada Motorcycle Helmet

    Icon Airmada Motorcycle Helmet

    William in ID

    Solid for the $$

    Came from a Shoei to this Icon, and while this lid seems pretty solid for the price, the quality isn't quite up to par with the higher-end/priced brands. Road noise is more prominent, as is wind turbulence at speed, and the field of vision through the upper part of the eye port is just slightly less than the Shoei when in a full tuck. However, the Icon is comfy, has decent airflow, hasn't fogged, and actually fits my narrow melon better than most. Overall recommended for the budget-minded rider.

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  • Icon Field Armor Stryker CE Vest

    Icon Field Armor Stryker CE Vest

    Aaron in CO

    A little extra spine protection

    After working as a nurse for people with brain and spinal injury, I always wear at least a helmet and back protector. For any serious riding I have a full on armored suit. This does not replace true armor, but it is nice for playing close to home where it's relatively safe. The vest is better quality than expected. Looks good. Feels comfortable while wearing. Stays solidly in place for me, but I have a really "V" shaped torso. I'm 5'8" - 160lbs - 41" chest - 30" waist. I purchased a L/XL. Fits good, but couldn't go any smaller. Would've been fine with a S/M but I like that it can be worn both under or over clothing.

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  • Icon Squad II Pack

    Icon Squad II Pack

    Pete in CO

    needs a hydration pack

    I do not have this pack but it would be the perfect back if it had a hydration pack and that would make it worth spending the money

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  • Icon Stryker Elbow Guards

    Icon Stryker Elbow Guards

    Wigberto in FL

    One came apart...

    The rivets are very low quality. One of them came apart. Will not buy again.

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