Lexx Motorcycle Parts: Exhausts

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  • Lexx 2-Stroke Silencer Packing

    Lexx 2-Stroke Silencer Packing

    Mark in PA

    Don't waste your money on other packing material

    You cannot beat the price point of this stuff. It does require a bit of work to get it to fit in the silencer, but it is worth it. I bet that someone with an 85 could repack it 4 times, with the amount of material they give you.

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  • Lexx MXe Premium Silencer Packing

    Lexx MXe Premium Silencer Packing

    Michael in AZ

    Thinking Ahead

    Ordered with my new Lexx exhaust just so I would have it in the garage when the time comes to repack! Also nice to take advantage of the free shipping having already spent enough to qualify.

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  • Lexx 4-Stroke Silencer Packing

    Lexx 4-Stroke Silencer Packing

    SEAN in CO

    Not long enough

    This would be 5 star except for the fact that I had to buy a second pack of it to pack my KTM muffler. One pack left me about 4 inches short.

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