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  • Lexx MXe Slip-On Silencer With Mid-Pipe

    Lexx MXe Slip-On Silencer With Mid-Pipe

    Richard in CA

    GOOD but PROBLEM::: What is up with the Fitment?? both the Mid Pipe and the Mid to Exhaust did not fit. I had to grind or Sand down connections and then had to use a rubber mallet to get the Mid pipe on and lots of sanding to get the Exhaust onto the mid pipe. Just Purchased this so can not rate durability! I will say performance seems good breaths well and woke up bike compared to stock bad shape restricting exhaust. The rest of the install was simple, and will see if there is any issue after time with the hangers. Also had to put the spacer on the outside of the clamp hanger and add a small spacer like 3 washers, other wise it was too loose around the exhaust body. I like the quick change for tuning or pulling the silencer and using just separately purchased spark arrestor. Looks good (I think)

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  • Lexx 4-Stroke Silencer Packing

    Lexx 4-Stroke Silencer Packing

    CODY in MT

    Good packing

    This is the only packing I have ever bought, seemed to work and fit fine the the rocket exhaust I put it in.

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  • Lexx XC Spark Arrestor End Cap

    Lexx XC Spark Arrestor End Cap

    Chris in UT

    good alternative

    I installed this on 250FX. I took the pipe off drilled out the rivets with a 3/16 drill bit and wiping up the shavings as I go. So I don't scratch up the pipe with them. I then took a razor blade and broke the seal on the end cap to the can. I then lightly tapped a putty knife under the can where the old rivets were without distorting the can, using the corner of the knife. Then took a rubber mallet and tapped out the old end cap off the side of the bench. Then I tapped in the new base and center punched the holes. Then drilled out with a 1/8 bit first then to a 3/16 bit. I drilled the both flat side holes first and riveted them so the cap stayed in place. I finished drilling the rest of the holes and riveted them. To put the end cap on you have to screw the bolts into it first, so they seat together well and then screw it onto the pipe. It took about two hours and came out sweet. It has a nice fit and finish.

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  • Lexx 2-Stroke Silencer Packing

    Lexx 2-Stroke Silencer Packing

    Ryan in OH

    Good stuff

    Repacked my OEM silencer with this. Went smoothly and is working as it should. Nice to know I can freshen it up later this easily.

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  • Lexx MXe Premium Silencer Packing

    Lexx MXe Premium Silencer Packing

    Jeff in CO

    Tried something new

    I've used the manufacturer's packing previously on my two stroke muffler/spark arrestor, but thought I'd try something different this time. First, there was enough packing to do my muffler twice, so I like the value. Second, it was a little quieter to my ear, and my old packing was not blown out. Third, the exhaust note is a bit lower, so it might be less offensive to non-motorized trail users. I think the yarn RM uses as opposed to the free strand fiberglass the muffler manufacturer employs is better at trapping sound.

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  • Lexx MXe Trail Saver Quiet Core Insert

    Lexx MXe Trail Saver Quiet Core Insert

    anthony in Mt barker S.A

    Does exactly what it should do quiet ride without ...

    Thank you the lexx quiet insert works perfectly its so nice to be able to ride and not get a head ache after i cant believe still that it came from so far away good for you rocky i will be looking for more goodies for klr in the new year cheers for now to y

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