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  • Bolt Rotor Bolt Kit

    Bolt Rotor Bolt Kit

    JAMES in AL

    Install New Bolts for Every New Rotor

    I always buy a second set of wheels for my bikes. It is just easier to install a wheel instead of replacing a inner tube when a flat occurs. Especially on race day between motos or practice. I always replace old fasteners with new ones with critical operating parts on my bikes. Brake Rotors and Sprockets heat up during any ride time. Stress from heat and all that torque can weaken your bolts (fasteners). Keep your old ones for situational replacements. Just a suggestion but I always do. And even though some of these have nylock nuts or prefab thread-lock do use a dab of "blue" thread-lock upon installment. BTW! scuff your rotors in with 400-600 grip sandpaper too.

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  • Bolt Banjo Bolt Aluminum Crush Washers

    Bolt Banjo Bolt Aluminum Crush Washers

    Stephen in FL

    Replace your washers when you bleed your brakes

    I got some snazzy brake lines with aluminum fittings. When I flush my brake fluids I use new soft aluminum crush washers so I don't damage my fancy banjo bolts when I tighten things down. You should, too.

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