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  • Fly Racing Jump Backpack

    Fly Racing Jump Backpack

    Gary in AZ

    No waist strap

    I purchased this because it *looks* like it has a waist strap (handy to hold a backpack in place when riding) - but upon receiving this item - there is no waist strap. the lower shoulder strap mounts are on "ears" that seem to hold it in place pretty well though. The pack seems to be very well made, and should hold up well.

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  • Fly Racing Hydro Pack

    Fly Racing Hydro Pack

    Bryan in PA

    Great for riding and hiking for me

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  • Fly Racing Barricade Short Sleeve Body Armor

    Fly Racing Barricade Short Sleeve Body Armor

    Keith in OK

    Front fitment issue

    I bought this primary for the shoulder and front protection since I have the Zac Speed Sprint on the back. The back potion is relatively heavy, but I took it off. The problem with the front, it didn't lay flat enough for my taste. I am tall and slender. May fit better on a "full figure" chest. Shoulders offer good protection.

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  • Fly Racing Compression Shorts

    Fly Racing Compression Shorts

    Robert in NV

    They're great!

    I think these shorts are well worth the money. I can't even think of anything bad to say about them. They are far better than the shorts from six years ago.

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  • Fly Racing Stingray Ready-to-Ride Roost Guard and Hydration Pack

    Fly Racing Stingray Ready-to-Ride Roost Guard and Hydration Pack

    Tyler in NV

    Great protection, design, and value.

    I am purchasing my second one after getting just over 600 hours of use out of the old one. The bladder and mouthpiece are a bit cheap, but never sprung a leak. The pack held up well and allowed me to carry a spare tube, a 16oz bottle of fuel, and a few snacks with a full bladder. I would carry all of my tools, pump, and phone, keys, wallet stuff in a fanny pack. I've hit the ground VERY hard a few times and the chest protector and shoulder guards protected me very well. I wear one of those EVS neck supports and the Stingray doesn't interfere at all. I highly recommend this product!

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  • Fly Racing Rain Jacket

    Fly Racing Rain Jacket

    Dawn in OR

    Keeps you Warm and Dry, Easy to Stow

    I dont' need an over engineered jacket to keep me warm and dry on the trail. This easily fits in my backpack once I get warm. Not just for rain.

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