Fly Racing Motorcycle Riding Gear: Mens Touring Gear

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  • Fly Racing Hydro Pack

    Fly Racing Hydro Pack

    Bryan in PA

    Great for riding and hiking for me

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  • Fly Racing Aurora II Gloves

    Fly Racing Aurora II Gloves

    Ian in AZ

    Great value and amazing dexterity

    Great dexterity and fitment. I got these gloves because I was tired of trying to use my bulky snowboarding gloves on cold rides. The fit between dedicated gloves like these and winter gloves is night and day. I can access all of the controls very easily and they slid on and off with ease. I have even used these gloves with an additional liner, and I could still access everything just fine. My one complaint is that these gloves did not keep my hands sweaty warm during a longer ride in cold weather. It was approximately 30° and after 45 minutes or so my fingers were really cold.

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  • Fly Racing Patrol Jacket 2016

    Fly Racing Patrol Jacket 2016

    Andy in OR

    Great concept, poor execution

    Loved the idea of a flexible jacket/vest to change as the day's temperatures changed. I'm 5'11", 165# and the medium fit slightly large but was the perfect size to fit a chest protector underneath. Where this piece of gear lost me was the zippers. When zipped up, the arms will pull apart with the slightest force. One of the chest zippers gets stuck and cannot be pulled down making that pocket useless. Luckily the main zip in the front is more robust. For the money I basically purchased a vest with one pocket that's only for show. I'm actually ok with that but know if you want a jacket that's going to be bomber on the trail, spend the $ to get something nicer than this.

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  • Fly Racing Patrol Jacket 2017

    Fly Racing Patrol Jacket 2017

    Tyler in IA

    Riding Coat

    It has many zipped vents and sleeves but the zippers are very low quality. The first one that i opened worked fine then when i did the same one on the other side there was no stop sown into the zipper so it just came off the end, it was a major pain to get it started again. I only wore it one time and was very dissappointed in the quality. I will probably wear it again but only on days where i dont plan to need any of the features (that are the only reason that i bought it in the first place).

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  • Fly Racing Compression Shorts

    Fly Racing Compression Shorts

    Robert in NV

    They're great!

    I think these shorts are well worth the money. I can't even think of anything bad to say about them. They are far better than the shorts from six years ago.

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  • Fly Racing Stingray Ready-to-Ride Roost Guard and Hydration Pack

    Fly Racing Stingray Ready-to-Ride Roost Guard and Hydration Pack

    Tyler in NV

    Great protection, design, and value.

    I am purchasing my second one after getting just over 600 hours of use out of the old one. The bladder and mouthpiece are a bit cheap, but never sprung a leak. The pack held up well and allowed me to carry a spare tube, a 16oz bottle of fuel, and a few snacks with a full bladder. I would carry all of my tools, pump, and phone, keys, wallet stuff in a fanny pack. I've hit the ground VERY hard a few times and the chest protector and shoulder guards protected me very well. I wear one of those EVS neck supports and the Stingray doesn't interfere at all. I highly recommend this product!

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