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  • Polisport Folding Bike Stand

    Polisport Folding Bike Stand

    ZACK in PA

    Great concept, but easily breaks

    I actually really love the design of this stand. It saves so much room in the shop and in my truck. It even looks good too. But unfortunately I am on my second one, and that one broke too. Luckily RMATMC is a good company and replaced the first one, the second one I decided to go with a different brand. The first time it broke, I chalked it up as having a 85 on the stand and figured the rider kick starting it on the stand out wear on it. The second one I was super careful with, and that one broke in about a month. It seems the top part that folds, the plastic hinge just snaps in half. Kind of a bummer. I really like this stand.

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  • Polisport Tripod Multi-fit Triangle Bike Stand

    Polisport Tripod Multi-fit Triangle Bike Stand

    NIGEL in NTL

    Lasted three rides

    The concept is great, but once you get on uneven ground the bolt is just not strong enough, the bike fell over bending the bolt & when I bent it back it broke.

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