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  • Polisport Oil/Fluid Beaker

    Polisport Oil/Fluid Beaker

    Eric in IA

    Good for measuring larger quantities of fluids, but...

    I bought it as I was redoing my CRF forks and tweaking the shim stacks. Pulled the NIB Polisport out to measure some fork oil and decided I couldn't get it down to the nearest 5 cc as I wanted. So I opted to measure a couple of quantities in my 25-yr old Ratio-Rite. I sure it will come in handy changing crank and tranny fluids later.

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  • Polisport Foldable Bike Mat

    Polisport Foldable Bike Mat

    ryan in 29345

    Polisport Foldable Bike Mat

    works great looks great only improvement I could recommend is a rubber mat on the bottom to keep it from sliding when u got to roll ur bike over it

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