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  • Polisport Extra Protection Skid Plate

    Polisport Extra Protection Skid Plate

    Carl in BC

    It's great

    Takes a bit of maneuvering to get on but it works very well

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  • Polisport Front Fender

    Polisport Front Fender

    Chaney in IL


    Great bolt on factory replacement

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  • Polisport Radiator Louvers

    Polisport Radiator Louvers

    Tyler in ID

    Why not?

    look sweet! Plastic better than my oem Louvers. Glad I went with the red Louvers almost went with the black but the red stands out and looks good on the Honda

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  • Polisport Front Number Plate

    Polisport Front Number Plate

    JAMES in AL

    looks like, feel like, smells like but no eats

    not enough room in the title to finish my joke. fit like it was supposed too. held the graphics like it was supposed too. stayed in place like it was supposed too. it did all i ever thought it was supposed too. i actually bought it for a QLINK XP200 chinesezzy motorcycle. my street/trail dirt bike that i converted to a MX bike. i beat the cr@p out of that bike then bought a real MX bike from Jaypan.

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  • Polisport Rear Fender

    Polisport Rear Fender

    Gregory in CA

    Inexpensive option but not lost to OEM quality

    The OEM plastics might be made by polisport but there's definitely a difference between OEM and OEM-replacement as far as quality. This was a a lot softer and more flexible than the OEM and when I screwed on the under fender they dimpled the fender and there's two whitish bumps. I don't really care at all about that but if you wanted OEM quality the Acerbis is the better budget option to OEM.

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  • Polisport Complete Replica Plastic Kit

    Polisport Complete Replica Plastic Kit

    David in IL

    Great product support

    airbox cover didn't fit well.. Contacted polisport they sent a new airbox cover along with new fork guards and radiator louvers for my trouble. Would buy from them again hands down.

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