Arai Mens Riding Gear

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  • Arai XD4 Motorcycle Helmet

    Arai XD4 Motorcycle Helmet


    Why wear anything else?

    Quite possibly the best helmet ever for adventure riding. It's so comfortable you forget it's on. Lots of side view makes it a safe helmet when you're in traffic and have to maintain your forward vision. Plus Arai's safety features and reputation make it a no brainer. I used RMMC's sizing chart and was awarded a perfect fit. Helmet was in stock and I had it to my door in two days. 5 stars to RMMC and Arai.

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  • Arai VX-Pro4 Helmet

    Arai VX-Pro4 Helmet

    Dominic in California

    Now I neeed to find a new helmet brand.

    I've used Arai dirt bike helmets for years and appreciated their fit and quality. When I tried my new VX4 Pro on the plastic vent monstrosity attached to the top partially fell off as I pulled my goggle strap over the top and into normal position. The strap didn't snag, nor did I feel any tension on the strap. I just heard a strange sound as the right side plastic (of three pieces which snap together on top of the helmet) bounced off the floor. The first time! I don't know why they decided to attach such an odd externally mounted plastic contraption to their helmets. It will likely fall off for others, and is sure to be a dirt/mud collection hassle.

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