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  • Firstgear Heated Glove Liners

    Firstgear Heated Glove Liners

    Mike in UT

    Great product, but pricey

    I prefer to wear Gortex shell gloves for winter protection with no insulation, just great waterproof characteristics. Wearing these electric liners works out perfect for me. They are slim and not at all bulky. They heat up quickly and provide great comfort to my dry hands! I have tried them in my insulated riding gloves and feel they are a bit tight - believe I would need to buy a size larger glove to have them fit comfortably. I really don't know that I would want to wear these in an insulated glove as they heat up so quick and warm. I recommend them.

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  • Firstgear Kathmandu Lo Motorcycle Boots

    Firstgear Kathmandu Lo Motorcycle Boots

    Jesus Adrian in CA

    great product

    best value and awesome boot, water proof feature a must

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  • Firstgear Jaunt T2 Motorcycle Jacket

    Firstgear Jaunt T2 Motorcycle Jacket

    Darren in NH

    Great all around jacket. The lined pockets are truly waterproof. The description highlights the vents, which do work great. With those vents closed and the liner in however, this is a 3 and 1/2 season jacket. I've done my half hour commute in the 30's and been comfortable. The size is true. Don't go by the arm lengths. A large is a large.

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  • Firstgear Kathmandu Motorcycle Pants

    Firstgear Kathmandu Motorcycle Pants

    Larry in WA

    Good But.

    I am 5'11 with a 32" waist and size 32's are a little short in the leg when setting on the bike if you are wearing a low style dual sport boot. So I spent the money and bought a pair of tall Forma boots now the rain doesn't run up my leg. Also I would like more pockets, there is only one on these pants but you can unzip the dry suit zippers on each side to access your street pant pockets if your wearing them. Would I recommend these pants, maybe.

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  • Firstgear Adventure Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

    Firstgear Adventure Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

    Aaron in AZ

    Needs better pad mounting.

    I didn't like how the shoulder pads and elbows were connected to the jacket. The pads are in a separate pouch that is then Velcro'd to the jacket. It seemed like they could move around to much. I also didn't like the fit but I probably would have been ok with a larger one. Other than the pads and fit I thought it was well made and seemed like it would have had the great ventilation advertised. I ended up returning it.

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  • Firstgear BMW - Style Plug Coax Adaptor - 18"

    Firstgear BMW - Style Plug Coax Adaptor - 18"

    Tim in NY

    I plugged it in then my heated jacket and it worked as described & does not wiggle out with road vibration.

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