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  • Firstgear DC Coax Panel Mount Connector

    Firstgear DC Coax Panel Mount Connector

    Andrew in CO

    Useful product

    I used to just string the battery lead out from under my seat. It worked, but presented two problems. First, I undid my seat to stuff the wire back in or pull it out often. and Second, the wires dangled down and were in the way. This solves these problems. I mounted mine behind the riders leg to keep it out of the way. It's always ready to go and is hardly visable.

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  • Firstgear BMW - Style Plug Coax Adaptor - 18"

    Firstgear BMW - Style Plug Coax Adaptor - 18"

    Tim in NY

    I plugged it in then my heated jacket and it worked as described & does not wiggle out with road vibration.

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  • Firstgear Heat-Troller DC Coax Plug Y-Harness, for Motorcycle Gloves/Socks

    Firstgear Heat-Troller DC Coax Plug Y-Harness, for Motorcycle Gloves/Socks

    BRUCE in NJ

    Firstgear Heat-Troller DC Coax Plug Y-Harness, for ...

    Well, you need this if you don't have the jacket liner and want to power your gloves.. it is well made and durable but one side was longer then the other...last time i checked both my arms were the same length !!!... and there was a lot of extra cable hanging out of the back of my jacket (i would imagine it is a one size fit all..some use it to run down the legs to power socks, some through their jacket to power gloves) which needs to get tucked in somewhere... yesterday, after stopping for gas, it must have come untucked and all of a sudden i felt like i got hit in the side with a baseball or something... the extra cord must have hit the chain or rear tire and it pulled hard on my jacket before breaking in half... didn't cause any problems other then not having the option of heated gloves for the rest of the day... just be careful to secure the slack if you go with this option... i'll probably get another anyway, even though i do have the heated jacket liner now, for times that i want to ride without the liner... but the liner is pretty sweet to have everything wired into it, and the option to power just the gloves or both the gloves and liner...

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  • Firstgear Portable Heat-Troller - Single

    Firstgear Portable Heat-Troller - Single

    BRUCE in NJ


    ALONG WITH THE FIRSTGEAR HEATED GLOVES, THIS IS MY FAVORITE GEAR PURCHASE OF THE YEAR.. MAYBE EVER ...I'VE BEEN RIDING FOR 38 YEARS AND HAD NO IDEA HOW GOOD THE TECHNOLOGY OF F.G.'S HEATED GLOVES ACTUALLY IS... AT FIRST I THOUGHT THEY WERE TOO EXPENSIVE, TO HAVE TO BUY BOTH GLOVES AND CONTROLLER, BUT AFTER USING THEM, THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY... WHAT SETS FIRSTGEAR APART FROM THE REST IS THE WAY THIS CONTROLLER WORKS... IF YOU HAVE IT AT 50% THEN IT CYCLES ON AND OFF EQUALLY, USING HALF THE POWER..from the manufacturer : ." The Heat-troller is more efficient than a rheostat because it makes very little wasted heat when turned on. For two 16 Watt grips, the Heat-Troller makes less than 0.1 Watts of (wasted) heat at 50%. A rheostat would make about 16 Watts of wasted heat at the same 50% setting...The efficiency of the design allows over 98% of the power from your battery to reach your heated clothing. As a matter of fact, we tested the simple on/off switches designed by other companies and in one case found it to lose 25% of the power from the battery by the time the current reached the vest. "

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  • Firstgear BMW - Style Plug

    Firstgear BMW - Style Plug

    Christopher in CT

    Works well

    allowed me to wire up my on electronics to the factory plug

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  • Firstgear Women's Mesh Tex Motorcycle Jacket

    Firstgear Women's Mesh Tex Motorcycle Jacket

    JAMES in DC


    When shopping this was the best value for the money I could find. You will not be disappointed if you buy and use. I ride hard and tear up stuff, so get stuff well-built and you will be happy.

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