Streamline Dual Sport Parts: Handlebar-Control

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  • Streamline Front Steel Braided Brake Line

    Streamline Front Steel Braided Brake Line


    RZR XP4 1000

    These were a better replacement than stock, fit is perfect! Comes with all necessary replacement hardware, but i liked the stock hardware better.

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  • Streamline Reflex Brake Lever

    Streamline Reflex Brake Lever

    Devin in MA

    Good Lever

    Good Lever, great feel and the hinge feature seems to make it unbreakable, only issue I had was the lever did not fit properly when I went to install. I was not able to slide the pin through that holds the lever in, was forced to sand some material off, fit perfect after that. Not a big issue at all but just something to look out for.

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  • Streamline Reflex Pro Clutch Lever/Perch Without Hot Start

    Streamline Reflex Pro Clutch Lever/Perch Without Hot Start

    Michael in TN

    Great quality replacement lever and perch.

    I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of this perch/lever; I have an ARC brake lever and without the branding, you cannot tell them apart. The lever bends back out the way in the event of a crash so it wont bend or snap, it can be adjusted to fit you perfectly, and it looks nice.

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  • Streamline Rear Steel Braided Brake Line

    Streamline Rear Steel Braided Brake Line

    Stephen in NC

    Poorest Build Quality

    Where to start.. I bought this brake line and installed it on my bike. The line was an odd length and did not fit on my bike well at all. As I was tightening the banjo bolts that came with the brake line, to factory settings, one of them snapped in half. Right then and there I should have quit, because after about 10 minutes of riding at my local trails, my rear caliber locked up, due to the brake line crimping. I ended up having to push the bike down a hill and then rev the piss out of in first gear with the brakes locked to get to the parking lot. I am highly dissatisfied with this product and will no longer buy any of streamline's products. I should have payed the extra $5 for the protaper brake line, better yet an oem suzuki line. Do not make the same mistake as me.

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  • Streamline Reflex Clutch Lever

    Streamline Reflex Clutch Lever

    BaBmaker in Nevada

    Lifetime lever

    Lever works great and fits great. I had probably owned this lever a month and my bike tipped over on the concrete bending the lever in a loop. I called streamline and told them of my "crash.'' They had me send it in for a repair. Within a week a brand new lever showed up in the mail postage paid. These levers carry a lifetime warrenty. Crash on..

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